3 Ways to Boost Your Selfies (Without the Stick) This Holiday Season

December 09, 2016

3 Ways to Boost Your Selfies (Without the Stick) This Holiday Season

Creating the perfect selfie can be a challenge! Holding the phone steady, finding adequate lighting, and trying to tap the right button at the right moment makes it difficult to snap the ideal pic. During the holidays, group selfies are more common, so unless someone is left out to take the pic or you hassle through setting up a tripod and timer, group selfies are the most sensible way to capture everyone.

Boost Your Selfies without a selfie stick

Newer phones are designed to make selfies easier than before with their LED front flash feature, but it’s still not always enough. Here are our top 3 ways to boost your selfies this holiday season without getting too complicated.

1. Just the Right Amount of Flash

Newer iPhones, for example, use LED flash when taking an indoor selfie to help with the common low light issue. Unfortunately, other types of phones may not have that as an option. A way around this problem is using the “selfie flash” to illuminate you and grandma’s face for family gatherings this season. These “selfie flash” LEDs plug into your phone’s headphone jack and add just the right amount of light because of their adjustable brightness settings. A quick Google search will help you find different places to buy these. Alternatively, many android users can download the “Selfie Light” app which boosts the amount of light from the screen. The app can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamon.SelfieLight&hl=en

LED Selfie Ring

For those wanting to take pictures with other devices like an iPad or other tablet/smartphone the Selfie LED Ring is easy to clip to almost any device! You gain precision lighting with this little nifty devices. Adjust the brightness of the flash and get the best picture on the first take so the family isn't having to bear several photos.

2. Angle Higher

Simple, effective, and used by selfie gurus. Any photographer can tell you a low picture of your face isn’t the most flattering, because of how your chin shows with the low angle. Solve the common chin problem by raising the camera above your head at a higher angle, and pointing down toward the faces to be in the picture. Don’t forget to look up at the camera.

Christmas Selfie

3. Make Your Phone Easier to Hold

no selfie stick

Not everyone likes a selfie stick, and you can’t always bring one with you everywhere you go, but you can with your phone case! Voila--a phone case to help take selfies, and there’s already several on the market. These cases feature finger loops and rings on the back to improve grip. There is a downside, though; most are absolutely ugly, and stylish versions are hard to come by.

If you want something less bulky than a selfie stick, there is a classy version of the selfie loop/grip cases on the market. We offer a selfie ring glitter case that’s easy on the eyes and keeps you from ever dropping your phone when taking a selfie. The ring pops out when you need to take a picture, and folds back when you don’t need it. Glitter versions are available for iPhone 6S/6S Plus and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. An aluminum version is now out for the latest iPhone 7/7 Plus. They’re unique and useful, which also makes them great stocking stuffers for those power selfie takers.

Glitter Versions here

Aluminum Version (pictured below) here

iPhone 7 Selfie Ring Case

There are many other ways to enhance your selfies and group pictures, but we’ve found these top three tips to have the largest impact. Use these selfie stick alternatives to stabilize, hold, and angle your phone for holiday pictures.

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