6 Dumbest Phone Cases

May 31, 2015 1 Comment

These money wasters are arguably some of the most impractical products on the market. The cost far outweighs any potential benefits to these plain, dumb products.

Here we present 6 dumb phone cases you would do better off without!

Green Sweet Pastry Case – approx. $33

Smartphones and cute artsy pastries are widely popular, but this doesn’t mean the two should be combined. The questionable design makes one wonder about its ability to remain intact in a purse or pocket. The varying curvature and bulky design can hinder the user’s ability to hold their phone comfortably and firm, making it more prone to dropping. This tasty-looking case may look delicious, but good luck having that cupcake protect your phone if you ever do drop it. Despite the impractical design, there certainly is a market for those pastry lovers out there that want to add a mouth watering look to their phone.


Shared by: Mara from AMAZON. Source Alibaba

Diamond encrusted Phone Case – approx. $20,000

Yeah, you saw that right--twenty big ones. What’s more depressing is the fact this case is for an outdated iPhone 4S. The case is worth more than 100x the cost of any iPhone 4S on the market. The hand crafted titanium case with 43 rubies was a part of a promotional giveaway by New York based jeweler James Allen for Valentine’s Day. Be careful where you set your phone down, or you may find yourself out twenty grand if you don’t keep your eye on it. Don’t drop your phone, either, or you might break a diamond or two off the case. While diamonds themselves are tough, this case design only has them placed around the edges. This money could be better spent on a less expensive, but more sensible phone case. If you really feel the need to go the diamond route, have it insured.

Bornrich.com via News Wire / James Allen

Brick Shell Cover Case – approx. $30

This seven ounce, nostalgic phone case may look cool at first, until you realize its sheer weight and size isn’t going to fit in your pocket, nor will it be comfortable to hold onto for any duration of time. Technology has advanced greatly since the eighties for a reason--to make phones lighter and smaller. This case will undo all those hard years of work at Apple and Samsung in one shot. If nostalgia is your thing, there are plenty of more practical options out there. The old school Nintendo video game controller and cassette tape cases are just a few examples that are light, thin, and protect your phone with that eighties touch. Overall, the brick shell cover case is sure to give you buyer’s remorse.


Source: http://www.appolicious.com

Rick Owens Rock Case – Approx. $Too Much

If you see the picture below, you can tell this case may be a little too big. Unless you plan on using this case to also hide your spare keys by your front door, or maybe as a gag gift, it’ll be pretty much useless as far as phone cases go. Bulky, hard to wrap your hand around, and ugly are just a few things we could say about this case and that’s being nice. 

Source: www.mendaily.com

Gun Phone Case – Approx. $50

This one made the list mainly due to its impractical shape and inability to take it with you safely anywhere outside in public. Good luck trying to catch your next flight with this phone case, or while texting down the store aisle. While this isn’t an actual operating gun, it looks enough like one to probably create quite the stir. The plastic design makes one question its ability to actually protect your phone. As always, there is a market for this phone case, but we argue its overall design is dumb.

Hand iPhone Case – Approx. $50

We don’t know if this case is as dumb as it is creepy, but we decided to include it on the list. Holding a disembodied hand for comfort is not only creepy, but impractical. A case you certainly don’t want to put in your pocket, and most likely will do very little to protect your phone as the case on the sides is thin with low grade plastic. 

Source: Hamee Corp. 

This concludes our list. As always, stay classy!

-The Classy Case Team


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Jessica H
Jessica H

August 18, 2015

Great list. I agree most of these cases are completely dumb!

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