Cool Cases with Neat Functions

June 26, 2015

OK, I admit it. I want my phone case to do more than just look cool and protect my phone from perilous falls. I want friends to go “oooh” and say “your phone case does that?!” Yeah. I want trendy, or at least a cell case that multi-tasks. Here are a few nifty phone cases I found with some pretty cool functions.


Float your boat

Sure, a lot of cases are waterproof, which is fine if you drop it in the pool at a party, or in your bathroom sink where it’s easy to retrieve. But what happens when you’re enjoying some sun out on the boat, and you accidentally drop it into the lake? Or, what if your canoe capsizes while you’re whitewater canoeing? Don’t worry. There are several phone case options that are not only waterproof, but float. Lifeproof, EcoPod, and Overboard are a few brands that sell these. Prices tend to hover around the $99 mark.


Remember when your parents or grandparents would pull out their Polaroid at a family gathering for an instant pic? This old technology has received a much needed reboot with Prynt Now you can turn your smartphone into an instant camera with one of their phone cases. It works by plugging your smartphone into the case, snapping a pic, and then printing the photos. While thicker than traditional cases, it’s not bulky, and uses ink-embedded paper to turn out photos without draining your phone’s battery. Probably the coolest feature is the ability to record a 5-6 second video clip, take a photo, scan the printed picture using their app, and then reveal the video through augmented reality. It’s like hiding a gif in a photo. They have a video on their website showing how this works.

Charge it

Always frantically searching for an electrical outlet so you can plug in your phone? Are you always draining your battery? Cheer up—there are several phone cases on the market that will charge up your smartphone and give you longer-lasting power. Mophie and uNu are a couple of brands that cater to Apple and Samsung users.  One caveat—how you use them depends on how well they are going to work for you. ©PurseCase

Let’s Party…

…as soon as I figure out where to put the cards and money I’m gonna need. If only I could keep them in my cell phone case so I don’t need a purse or wallet. Don’t worry—there are plenty of options and styles out there. SwitchEasy, CandyShell, and other brands sell cases that contain secret slots for one or more cards. The card pops out when you press a special button. If you want something that looks cute and trendy, Pursecase may be for you. They sell a fashionable, petite clutch that holds your cell phone, cards and cash. It also has a detached pocket sized mirror.

Many brands of this type of phone case come in every style imaginable. A quick search on the web shows leather, vinyl, silicon, fabric, and even crocheted and knitted cases. Most come with straps, and one I found even came with a shoulder strap.

Light it up

Do you like to take selfies but are disappointed with the results because of poor lighting?

LuMee Case may be for you. According to their website, they are:  “the first smartphone case that lights your face with beautiful even light. Look great in any low light situation: clubs, restaurants, cars, bedrooms. Video chat with a beautifully lit face, no more shadows and dark circles around your eyes. The LuMee case give you perfect light!” This works well with selfie sticks too.

Or perhaps you just like flashy lights on your phone case. Several brands allow you to buy a unique case for your smartphone that will light up when you receive incoming calls or text messages.

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