14 Playful Ways to Use a Selfie Stick

November 24, 2015

14 Playful Ways to Use a Selfie Stick

Now that affordable selfie sticks are everywhere, there’s no reason not to have one. But, what if you’re one of those creative types and want more out of your selfie stick? Here are 14 selfie stick ideas to help you get the most creative use from your selfie stick.

1. Look high, look low.  Selfie sticks can be used to get photos of hard to see places. Not sure what’s on that top bookshelf? Use your selfie stick to find that candy bar you hid from your roommate. Not too thrilled about getting down on your hands and knees to see under the couch? Use your selfie stick to look through those dust bunnies to find that lost ring. Have your camera light on to see dark places easier. You can conquer all kinds of difficult angles. 

dog selfie

2. Pet pics. Ever miss an adorable shot because getting down on the floor caused your pet to move? It sucks. Use a selfie stick to easily get down at their level to take cute photos. Get a perfect viewing angle otherwise nearly impossible to capture quickly.

affordable selfie sticks

3. Extreme shots. Get breathtaking pictures of yourself zip-lining, skiing, hang gliding, rock climbing, etc. by using a selfie stick to take photos. (Just remember to be careful.) Get awesome photos of mountain scenery, concerts, and other views as well.

playful selfie stick

4. Record videos. Did you know you can use a selfie stick with your phone to record videos? Yep, you can.

affordable selfie stick ideas

5. See how the back of your outfit looks. So, you have a hot date and put on an incredible outfit, but you can’t quite see how it looks in the back. Use that selfie stick to check out how you look from behind.

playful selfie stick ideas

6. Check out that guy. Take a selfie sneak so you can get a pic of the cute guy standing behind you in the checkout line or at the gym. Just don’t let him see you! This tip is only for the most daring. Remember when executing this tip, stay classy.

affordable selfie stick idea

7. Drying rack. Lay the selfie stick horizontally across two shelves or tables to create a makeshift drying rack for gloves, socks, etc.

affordable selfie stick

8. Watch movies. Stick the end of the selfie stick in the couch to hold your phone while you watch your fav shows/videos--hands free.

classy selfie stick

9. Backscratcher. Ahhh. That’s the spot.

10. Helper. Too lazy to get up and hand your friend another beer? No problem. Use your selfie stick. This can also work with plastic cups.

11. Flippin’ switches. Use your selfie stick to flip the light switch, push the garage door opener, turn the TV on/off, and more. Especially useful for needing to push something up high that is hard to reach.

12. Cat toy. Does your cat go for blood when you dangle a piece of yarn? Now you can play with your feline without getting your hands shredded. Tie the yarn (or other toy) onto the selfie stick instead.

cat selfie stick

13. Pool buddy. You’re floating happily in the pool when you notice your cup or beer is empty. What do you do? Have your poolside friend use a selfie stick to hand you another drink without ever leaving the comfort of your floaty mattress. 

14. Get unstuck. Friend fall into an open manhole? Use your selfie stick to help pull them out. Just kidding! But you could use it to help a friend up from the floor.

Now it’s time to go out there and put these selfie stick ideas to use! Want to know where to buy a selfie stick? Check out Classy Case’s selfie stick’s here: http://www.classycase.com/collections/selfie-sticks

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