The 11 Secret Phone Tricks List

December 16, 2015

The 11 Secret Phone Tricks List

The 11 Secret Phone Tricks List

We’ve broken these tricks into useful categories to make it easier to remember and implement these when you need them.

Trick apps to help you beauty hack:

Classy Phone Tricks List

1. Shop Savy

What’s so special about this app? Remember the last time you bought yourself the best pair of shoes for a pretty penny only to find out someone else got the same ones almost half off? No Bueno. Luckily this app let’s you simply scan any barcode and it compares stores in your area using your location.

Secret Phone Tricks for Women

2. Track your Lacquer

This saves a lot of time and hassle by letting you keep track of all the nail polish colors you already like and can recommend similar hues you may like. This app isn’t on the Apple or Android store but it can be downloaded from their website onto your phone. Great way to check out several different nail polishes without the department store clerk won’t be complaining about you trying on a bunch to find the right one.

phone tricks every girl needs to know

3. Hair Color Booth

Nothing is worse than having a hair color gone wrong situation. This app allows you to upload a pic of yourself and then try on different hair colors to see what looks best on you. An easy for sure way if you should go with streaks, highlights, or an entire solid color, this has you covered.

4. Stylish Girl

A Godsend! You can amazingly pair up existing outfits in your closet that can’t seem to match anything else-Like those awesome new jeans that need a top or perhaps you have the perfect dress but no shoes to match. Hack your closet by getting clothes you love to have and will match what you already have!

stylish girl app

Phone Use Tricks:

5. Party Music

Stereo not working or outside where there’s no place to plug one in? Put your phone in a glass to increase the volume. The sound will reverberate making louder more clear music. Great when by the pool in the summer.

Phone Use Tricks

6. Impromptu Light

Need unique lighting for a party or maybe there was just a power cut? Even for outside get-togethers this next handy trick creates an ultra-modern lamp. Simply put your phone light under a drink-particularly a clear one like a bottle of water. The light will reflect through the liquid in all directions giving you the ambiance needed for the occasion when other options aren’t available.

phone tricks tips for girls

7. Bar Hopping & Music Festivals

Hide your IDs, cash, or debit card in between your phone and the phone case for regular styled cases. You definitely don’t need to lug all your gift cards and credit cards at each bar. Only bring the money and IDs you need and slip them discreetly in your case. For better protection a compact folio wallet phone case can securely hold your cards for the night as these are specially designed for this purpose.

classy folio wallet case

NOTE! There is the misconception that putting your cards close to your phone will cause it to demagnetize your card. A cell phone’s magnetic field ranges from just 1.2 to 10 milligauss but in order to demagnetize a credit card it would take a 1,000 gauss magnetic field. Enough said, it is highly unlikely a card will be ruined next to your cell phone. If your extra paranoid a leather wallet phone case to hold your cards for the night may make you feel more comfortable.

Tricks for those situations:

8. Concert Pictures

Selfie sticks aren’t just for selfies! If the venue allows selfie sticks (some still will) use yours to take pictures of the stage when you can’t see over a crowd of people. Plus you won’t have all those other raised arms and people’s heads in your pics. You’ll be the one with flawless, up high pics others won’t get.

Classy Selfie Stick Tricks

9. Selfie Pictures 101

Sounds simple but can make a difference. Pictures taken with your phone’s front camera have an airbrushed effect. Meanwhile the main camera is sharper and aimed for more detail, great for distance shots but not so wonderful to try and capture every pore on your face. If this isn’t enough you can use the YouCam Perfect app to add a tan, delete imperfections, make eyes look bigger amongst other features.

classy selfie stick tricks

10. Filming

Cover your microphone when filming with your phone to make the sound clearer when you watch it. Reducing the fuzzy sounds when capturing moments at music festivals, parties and other events goes a long way when reducing background noise.

11. When you Lose Service

Concerts and other major venues are notorious for having bad cell service or none at all. Take screenshots of your phone’s online windows so you always have it on your camera roll. If you need to look at an online festival map, lineup, or any other important info you have it regardless of how bad your signal is. Plus doing this minimizes your refreshing your browser and saves you on your data usage!

12. Extra Text-Trick for iPhone Users

 LED Flash Feature:

iPhone LED Flash Trick

Great if you want your sound off, but don’t want that constant vibrating for every text or call that comes in! Plus the flash notification can usually be seen through jean pockets just enough to notice without being irritating. You can still receive sounds with this feature on fyi.

Go to your Settings App > General > Accessibility > Scroll down to Hearing > Toggle on LED Flash for Alerts

 It’s a unique way to get alerted for text messages and calls that will leave many wondering how you got your iPhone to do that.

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