5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Phone Case:

February 18, 2016

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Phone Case:

Smartphone cases can prevent a lot of damage to your device during unfortunate drops, but are they really needed? We list the top 5 reasons why people think they shouldn’t buy a phone case.

1. Cases add unnecessary bulk and weight

Yes, if you are using a thick military grade case. On the market today are several ultra-thin acrylic and aluminum bumper cases that only weigh 2-3oz and offer enough protection for the average daily user and you might even forget you have a case on your phone. Unless you plan on spending your day on a construction site, a bulky case isn’t necessary.

bulky phone case

2. Cases aren’t accessory friendly

Sadly, this can be true for some cases on the market, but any more this just isn’t the case; yes pun intended. Without any work on your part, a well-made, precisely cut case will allow direct access to all ports and controls, and will not interfere with the camera lens.

iphone case ports

3. Cases hide the beauty of the original design

Like the original look and design of your device? Clear silicone and TPU minimalist cases were made so the designers work at Apple & Samsung can be appreciated. Completely transparent cases like Shamelessly Clear protect your phone, but allow the original beauty to shine through.

shamelessly clear iPhone Case


Shamelessly Clear collection here

4. Cases don’t offer 100% protection

Even if a case does not guarantee 100% protection, it still protects the phone 100% better than not having a case. Obviously, smartphone cases are meant to protect phones, but it won’t prevent damage from every accidental drop. For instance, cases will protect your phone the majority of the time, but it’s those occasions when your phone lands just right it can still crack the screen.

cracked iphone screen

Affordable tempered glass screen protectors address this problem. A case and a screen protector together work best to protect your device. YouTube videos of reviewers test the strength of tempered glass on their screens by using screws, hammer taps etc. to show that the 9H hardness rating goes a long way. Rarely the glass guard cracks, but won’t shatter. You just peel off the guard and your original screen is left intact and unharmed underneath. Replace the tempered for under $15 in the event the protector does crack. That’s far less than any screen repair.


5. Cases can be expensive

Name brand cases can easily start at $40 apiece and go up to $100 or more. If you are wanting ultimate protection, you’ll be paying at least $50. However, most of us don’t need that much protection, or don’t want to pay more just for the sake of the brand name. There are several quality cases under $40, and many as low as $15 without sacrificing quality or design. Still cases are inexpensive compared to the cost of fixing or repairing your phone if left naked.

expensive iphone case

Our favorite quotes from customers when asked about the subject:

“Almost everyone I know who carries their iPhone without a case has an iPhone with a cracked screen.”-Lindsey Creighton, repeat Classy Case customer survey respondent

“Clear minimalist cases are great for people who want to see their phone but also have it protected!”-anonymous customer review survey respondent

“Not having a phone case because it doesn’t offer 100% protection is like not wearing your seatbelt because it won’t protect you 100%”-Kyle Jenner, 1st time Classy Case customer survey respondent

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