10 Smartphone Tricks Every Classy Savvy Girl Needs to Know

March 31, 2016

10 Smartphone Tricks Every Classy Savvy Girl Needs to Know

ten smartphone tricks

1. LED Flash feature on iPhones

They’re great if you want your sound off, but don’t want your phone constantly vibrating for every text or call that comes in! The flash notification can usually be seen through jean pockets just enough to notice without being irritating. You can still receive sounds with this feature on, FYI.

 To enable LED flash, go to your Settings app > General > Accessibility > scroll down to Hearing > toggle on LED Flash for Alerts.

 It’s a unique way to get alerted for text messages and calls, which will leave many wondering how you got your iPhone to do that.

LED Flash

 2. When you lose service or have poor signal

Flip your phone into airplane mode. Wait a few seconds, then turn that mode off. Your phone will automatically connect to the nearest cell tower.

apple airplane mode

 3. Filming in noisy areas

Cover your microphone while filming with your phone in order to make the sound clearer when you watch it. Reducing the fuzzy sounds when capturing moments at music festivals, parties and other events goes a long way when reducing background noise.

 4. Consolidate

When going out, hide your IDs, cash, or debit card in between your phone and the phone case for regular styled cases. You definitely don’t need to lug all your gift cards and credit cards at each venue. Only bring the money and IDs you need and slip them discreetly in your case. For better protection, a compact folio wallet phone case can securely hold your cards for the night, as these are specially designed for this purpose.

classy wallet phone case

NOTE! There is the misconception that putting your cards close to your phone will cause it to demagnetize your card. A cell phone’s magnetic field ranges from just 1.2 to 10 milligauss, but in order to demagnetize a credit card it would take a 1,000 gauss magnetic field. Enough said. It is highly unlikely a card will be ruined next to your cell phone. If you’re extra paranoid, using a leather wallet phone case to hold your cards for the night may make you feel more comfortable.

 5. Amplify your phone’s sound

Place your phone in a large glass. It’s great for two reasons. First, if you have trouble waking up in the morning, the sound of your alarm will amplify in the cup. Second, when you need some louder music and the stereo isn’t working or perhaps you’re outside with no place to plug into one, the sound will reverberate in the glass. It will make for louder and more clear music when at the pool during summer.

iphone in a glass

 6. Savvy Pictorial Grocery List

Take a photo of your fridge or pantry before going to the grocery store in order to visually help you remember what you need. Alternatively, take a photo of your fridge or pantry when they’re full to remember what you bought previously without going through receipts.

 inside fridge

7. Charging while traveling

Use the USB slot on the side of the TV to charge your phone while traveling when outlets are hard to find or already in use.

 TV Charge Phone Hack

8. Use color

Use two different colors for your earphone ends in order to easily distinguish which is the right earbud and which is the left.

 color coordinated earphones

9. Conserving your battery

Screenshot your travel directions so it’s saved to your photos album for reference. This allows you to turn off location services in order save battery life. When you do need to charge your battery quickly, switch your phone into airplane mode—it’ll charge faster.

 conserve cell phone battery

10. Selfie Pictures 101

It sounds simple, but it can make a real difference. Pictures taken with your phone’s front camera have an airbrushed effect. Meanwhile, the main camera is sharper and aimed for more detail. This is great for distance shots but not so wonderful for capturing every pore on your face, especially if you happen to be in bad lighting where filters aren’t enough. For pictures where you would like to touch up a selfie even more, the YouCam Perfect app allows you to add a tan and delete imperfections, among other features.

selfie 101

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