Fashionable 2016 back-to-school accessories that will make you look so good you’ll blush

August 15, 2016

Fashionable 2016 back-to-school accessories that will make you look so good you’ll blush

Accessories are the best way to express yourself in a crowd full of people, be it in a high school or on a college campus. It is more affordable to differentiate yourself with accessories rather than a closet full of new clothes – and you’ll have more to show for it. Whether you’re truly a student or just thinking like one, here are eight back-to-school items the Classy Case team is loving around online right now:

1. Tanned Italian Leather and Merino Wool Felt Laptop Case

The leather strap and buckle exudes style. It is a unique look that is also durable. Shock absorption, water and stretch resistance, and anti-static properties are just a few of many features this affordable case has.

classy laptop case

See case here:

2. Marble Laptop, iPad, and Phone Cases

Marble is so sleek. It’s no wonder you see slabs of this beautiful material used not only as kitchen counters, but as backgrounds across Instagram. Match your smartphone to your laptop or iPad with a black or white marble case.

marble apple pro case

Marble MacBook Pro Case:

Marble iPad Case

Marble iPad Cases:

classy marble iPhone Case

Marble iPhone Case:

 3. Black Zara Tote Bag

Touted as more lux than its price tag, this makes an attractive accessory to carry back-to-school essentials around in. Metal strap details and a chic dark color will make even you blush on your first day.

black zara bag

For more details from Zara go here:

4. Nate Berkus x Target Stapler

Who thought a stapler could look so classy? Silver and gold are in, so having this on your stapler is a way to splash some style onto an otherwise dull product.

Gold Swingline Stapler

See the stapler on Target's website here:

5. Metallic Silver Backpack

Speaking of silver, turn some heads with a backpack that’s not afraid to be different. If a tote bag isn't your thing you can stick with the backpack idea safely with this one.

Nike Metallic backpack

See this backpack at Asos here:

6. Kate Spade ‘Gold Glitter’ Glass Water Bottle

Nothing says classy better than gold and glitter. The gold-glitter-glass water bottle is great for staying classy on those long walks across campus. For inside activities, match your pencil pouch all the way down to the little clips that hold your syllabi together. These are just a few suggestions, but other small back-to-school supplies, like notebooks, can be found in similar looks.

gold glitter water bottle

See this water bottle here:

7. Kate Spade Pencil Pouch Gold

gold pencil pouch

See the gold pencil pouch here:

8. Gold Binder Clips

gold binder clips

Container Store's set here:

While this isn’t a full comprehensive list of everything you need, we hope it will inspire you to spark some classy ideas of your own! Everything listed here except the marble iPhone case isn't our own products, and we aren't affiliated with those companies in anyway. Our team has hand picked these products from around the internet as classy suggestions.

Happy back-to-school shopping from the Classy Case team.

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