Solve iPhone Battery Drain with these 8 Easy Fixes!

March 24, 2017

Solve iPhone Battery Drain with these 8 Easy Fixes!

Solve iPhone Battery Drain

Nothing is worse than trying to take a group picture and having that annoying low battery notification pop up. If you’ve had your iPhone for some time, the all too familiar low battery becomes a bigger problem after each software update.

Your first intuitive move might be to close out of a few apps that are open in the background in an attempt to salvage your remaining battery power. However, Apple iOS Chief, Craig Federighi, revealed that closing out of multitasking apps does nothing for battery life.

See our 8 Fixes to solve iPhone battery drain problems:

1. Reduce App Notifications

Getting notifications from several apps is known to drain your battery. Just keep the ones on (like email) that you really need. To fix, go to your Settings app > Scroll to Notifications Section > Change notification settings for each app individually. If you must keep a notification, pick just one method for how your iPhone notifies you. So instead of sound, vibration, and badge app, just pick one as the notification method. Having all of them really adds up the battery usage!

2. Change Brightness Settings


You can preserve some battery by dimming the brightness, according to Apple. Go to the Settings app > scroll down to Display & Brightness. Slide the brightness down. Plus, if you use your iPhone before bed at night, the dim setting may help your mind switch into sleep mode faster as research shows that bright artificial light before bed can make it harder to get to sleep.

3. Turn off Location Services

If you have apps that use Location Services, this could be the culprit. The Location Services feature uses GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cell towers to determine an approximate location. To fix this battery drainer, go to your Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Toggle the slider at the top to turn off the feature completely or scroll down and adjust for each app.

4. Don’t use apps that drain your battery too much

low iPhone battery

How do you know which apps are using the most battery? Apple has a handy feature built into your iPhone’s settings to discover the culprits. Go to your Settings > Battery. From there, you can see the battery usage for each app from highest to lowest. If you notice a particular app is using a lot, make a note to avoid using that app in the future if you are really hurting for battery life.

5. Turn off Background App Refresh

In your iPhone Settings App go to General > Background App Refresh. Toggle off any apps you don’t want refreshing content in the background. This worked wonders for us and is touted as one of the more effective fixes.

6. Turn on Low Power Mode

This one is a gimmie and was introduced by Apple with the iOS 9 update. In case you didn’t know it existed, simply go to your Settings > Battery. At the top is Low Power Mode; just toggle that on to reduce battery consumption. Be sure to toggle it off when you charge your iPhone back up again, as many apps like Mail, iCloud Sync, etc. won’t download content or will be disabled while this is toggled on.

7. Switch to Airplane Mode

airplane mode on

We’ve all probably heard of this one, but if it’s down to the last wire for your battery and you need your iPhone for an emergency, it’s best to place it in airplane mode. This effectively turns all wireless features off. To turn on airplane mode, simply swipe up on your screen to pull up your quick menu, and tap on the airplane on the top left. Do this again to turn airplane mode back off.

8. Portable Power Banks

marble power bank

Battery drain is precisely why so many phone owners are buying this accessory, as it quickly solves the issue without the hassle of doing all of the above. It’s slim, lightweight, and the convenient design makes it an attractive choice for commutes or traveling. Many brands will charge your iPhone three to five times faster than a traditional plug in. We offer a few here in our store. Get a classy marble designed power bank to match your phone case and style; 20% off when you sign up for our classy collection updates.

As always stay classy,

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