Classy Case Brand Ambassador

Welcome to the Classy Case Brand Ambassador program, we look forward to having you on the team!

As our valued customers and fans, you know that Classy Case is a leading midwestern seller of specialty fashion iPhone and Galaxy cases. We offer some of the greatest marble and glittery styled plastic and leather cases on the market and we want your help to spread the word!

That's where you come in: As a Classy Case Ambassador, you will be able to promote the products that you already use and love to your friends, family, classmates, or coworkers, and make money doing it!

We view our products as more than a classy phone case; this is a product that you carry everywhere, hold every time you take a selfie or send a text, and show to the world countless times a day. Our cases are as much an extension of your personality and self-image as your clothing, makeup, or choice in music. 

Our mission is simple; We strive to offer the best classy phone case designs for iPhone and Galaxy device models. We are selling quality, customer service, and the classy experience. Our stance when it comes to "Classy and Rugged", is that you CAN have both, and we will be there to give it to you.

To Inquire contact us at: and we will email you the full details and application.

Stay classy,

The Classy Case Team